4 déc. 2015

New release Nudge APM - PROBE - V.3.0.3

Measure the behaviour of your Apps and anticipate all performance issues before it impacts your business, Nudge does the job.

Dear Users,
NUDGE is growing really fast, here's what's new on our last release 3.0.3 of the Java Probe for Nudge-APM : Cross-AppS, MongoDB, Free java public API, custom software layers,...

Find enclosed an overview of the changes in this new version.

New features :
  • Follow-up of transactions between two or more monitored applications ; Transactions can be followed across many apps. This is what we call the Cross-AppS.
  • Automatic monitoring of requests towards the MongoDB database
  • The Java public API is now freely available on https://bitbucket.org/nudge-apm/probe-java-api : feel free to use the @Trace annotation in your code !
  • Included connectivity check test : Can be executed in order to easily test the connectivity with the remote collector
  • Customize your software layers through the @Trace annotation
  • Customize your software layers through the "trace_classpath_regex" parameter
Enhancements :
  • Real-User-Monitoring with other JavaServerFaces implementations (better coverage)
  • Real-User-Monitoring for JSPs under WebLogic
  • Dynamic and automic replacement of buggy classfilewriter implementation of JBoss
  • Automatic bytecode dump in case of instrumentation failure
  • Automatic activation of JMX tree under Glassfish
  • More logging by default in the first minutes of an application run
  • Support of HTTP parameter with several values 
  • Support of JMX composite data type
  • Automatic naming/filtering of temporary JMS queues (occurs with Tibco for example)
  • Detection of HTTP client calls through Axis 1
  • Error detection from Servlet level (version 3)

Bug fixes :
  • EJB layer call-tree without bounded transaction
  • Compatibility JDK 1.5 with javax.servlet.http.HttpServletRequest.getServletContext()
  • Java layer response time computation with EJB and SQL layers
  • NullPointerException with injection of a null value parameter in case of SQL prepared statements
  • Javascript injection overriding window.onload
  • Instrumentation of some class constructors
  • Support of classes that are both EJB and WS descriptor
  • Support of Derby and SQL-Server
  • NullPointerException trying to get the URL of a WS that is only declared by annotation
There are also many technical improvements and performance optimizations.
We invite you to upgrade your Java probes on all your monitored applications if you are not already using this version 3.0.3.

Don't forget, Nudge APM is user-friendly, focused on key functionalities and offers the best price-usage ratio of the APM market.

Enjoy using Nudge APM and don't forget it's for free for software developers.
Our team is at your entire disposal
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