7 juil. 2016


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2016, July 7th

Appart from the functional enrichment and the performances improvment of its APM software, Nudge connects its API with the main tools already in place an used on a daily basis by the Dev teams, Test teams and Ops teams in order to increase the use of data and indicators generated by its solutions.

Nudge, a french start-up specialized in DevOps orientated APM, is shaking up the Application Performance Management market : beyond its APM software offer, Nudge intends to become a reference player in the supply of real time data related to the behavior of the code in Ops. Thus Nudge enriches the information based on which the Dev team, test team and production team as well as the management act uppon to correct the bugs and maximize the applications response time.

« The application performance is a concern for all the work positions of the IT organization. Nevertheless, this produced data is often underexploited due to the daily occupations of the teams and their use of numerous monitoring and diagnosis tools. Listening to our clients, we realized they were keen to be provided with more data as well as additional metrics on the code behavior espacially if they access it from their prefered tools creating their own dashboards. Open technologies is then needed to make use of this data within the framework of their mission and their daily interventions », says Matthieu Walckenaer, Nudge’s CEO.

In order to meet this need Nudge allows its solutions to be interfaced with the main tools already in place and used by the IT teams thanks to its Rest API and to the development of open source plugins and specific connectors. First achievement ; the Elastic Stack (Elasticsearch, Logstach, Kibana) ELK triptych in order to fullfill the expectations of the Devs and the Ops teams : the developpers keep working on their usual interface, Kibana, to look at and analyse the logs as well as the Nudge APM data to proceed to required corrections based complementary and more factual indicators ; also the Ops teams identify and follow in real time the response time and the availability of the applications by the Nudge APM agents, in real time.

Nudge is working on developping other open source plugins and connectors between its APM solution and other dedicated tools either used in Ops or in Dev: SonarQube, Nagios, Grafite, Grafana, Jenkins, Eclipse, Jmeter, Gatling, Noeload etc… An interface with the main analytics tools on the market is also considered.

Unlike our competitors who are favouring the development of their own dashboards and analytics tools, we are convinced of a double necessity : avoid making more complex the APM solutions as it may become an obstacle ; consider the teams work habits by integrating our data into the tools  already in place and used by our clients. Like that everyone in the IT organization has at its disposal enriched dashboards and personal new strategic data at the service of a user’s better experience « , concludes Matthieu Walckenaer.


Nudge, publishes Nudge APM, the only french specialized monitoring solution, dedicated to real time behavior diagnosis of code performance in production via its agents.
Nudge provides real time indicators and metrics feedback allowing the IT teams to master their budgets and their applications projects while improving the experience and the users use. These indicators can given back either under a dashboard format directly in Nudge APM or in ELK (Elastic Stack).
Its offer, DevOps driven, aimed at either the developpers and the ops teams in order to favor a commun resolution of the applications incidents.
The Nudge APM is cureently available for Java,PHP and soon DotNet applications.
Amongst the Nudge references : Amundi, CFDT, la CNIL, Elis, Mairie de Paris, Ministère de l'Éducation Nationale, Unibail, etc.

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